Friday, 22 June 2012

Rosak Gigi!!

Fateh sekarang dah ada 7 batang gigi…awl2 nak tumbuh dulu, tiap kali tumbuh je, mesti demam..skarang dah x lagi..lega bnde lain mama risau..bile dok belek2 gigi die, nmpak la cam build-up kekuningan..x leh jadi ni..kne belikan berus gigi ngn obat gigi camni..takut rosak gigi..nnt rongak cam mama mse kecik2 dulu.malu..huuu

mule2 tu belikan dia berus gigi Jordan , bristle die lembut, tp holder bristle tu keras..bile berus je, die dok tutup mulut die n bucu keras berus gigi tu terkena gusi die..adalah sket darah..jd mama beli lak  yg lembut, jenis sarung kat tangan tu..ape ntah nama betul dia..Memang lembut tp kene tekan sket sbb klo x tekan, x bersih..sekarang ni train die gosok gigi tiap kali bangun pagi dgn sebelum tido. Mule2 dulu dia x brapa nak bukak mulut, kadang2 kene pas dekat 2 minggu die dah tau gosok gigi n dah leh sengih2 bile gigi kene gosok..kdg2 tu die gigit jugak lg..

Ubt gigi plak, x beli lagi sbb x pasti dgn status halalnye..kene wat research dlu..pilihan yg ada yg penah jumpa Cuma Baby’s First Year (gambar) yg ade jual kt Guardian Pharmacy..Tp bile tgk ingredient ade Glycerin..banyak citer psal glycerin ni..tkut sumber die dr sumber x halal je..jd kene wat research dulu..sapa2 yg ade info..Pls do share with me..
Inactive Ingredients:Glycerin, Purified Water, Xylitol, Sorbitol, Propylene Glycol, Pectin, Xanthan Gum, Silica, Natural Apple flavor, Natural Banana Flavor, Calcium Lactate, Aloe Vera

Sikit tips nak share yg aku dapat dari website yg aku x ingat dah nama dia..huhuu..

Baby Oral Hygiene Tips
  • When you feed your infants, do not forget to wipe his/her mouth and gums with a wet cotton cloth. If your baby has already begun teething, you can use a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean his teeth. This will help eliminate any bacteria-forming plaque and excess sugar that have built up on the teeth and gums.
  • There are times when brown or white spots may appear on your baby’s gums. Make a habit to check your child’s mouth regularly. Also, keep a tab on the formation of any smelly tartar collection in their mouth.
  • See a dentist if your baby suffers from persistent bad teeth odor. Timely medical advice will help and reduce any further chances of tooth decay.
  • If your baby is extremely fond of sweetened milk or cerelac, try cutting down on sugar content and avoid creating sweet pools in the mouth of your tiny tots.
  • Make sure you thoroughly clean your baby’s milk bottles and the pacifier with hot water and sterilize it with water for some time to remove germs from entering the mouth.
  • If your little ones are teething, they would want to chew something to relieve the pressure. In order to maintain good oral health, give them teethers and toys made of nontoxic materials and specially designed for teething babies. Some are made of firm rubber; others are filled with water and chilled in the refrigerator. Don't freeze these types of rings or teethers, because they become too hard and may harm your baby's gums.
Spotting & Preventing Dental Caries
  • You can find a white spot on the front teeth, which is termed as lesion. It is a white chalky area close to the gum line. It develops as a result of bacterial action which produces acid affecting the enamel. One can induce good oral habits to prevent it and seek dentist’s opinion. Fluoride can solve the problem if it is diagnosed long before.
  • A golden white cavity like structure can be found in the inner most teeth and it is very important to get it cured  by a child dental specialist as soon as possible, because it may hamper the growth of permanent teeth and may infect other teeth as well.
  • Bad breath can be another indication for tooth decays. In such a condition, sweetened liquid diet should be avoided for some time and proper brushing should be done regularly.

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